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"The Wealthy Speaker School has been an incredible resource! No matter where you are in your speaking business, the School has something for you. When I began my speaking business, the Ready Aim Fire modules help gave me the tools and resources I needed to grow my business. Now, the Advanced Learning modules have helped me take my income and my brand to the next level."
Pamela Barnum, MPA, JD.
Trust Strategist, Body Language Expert, Former Undercover Police Officer & Federal Prosecuting Attorney
"I thought I was clear on the value I bring to the audience from the stage and my interactions with them. Jane’s brilliance helped me understand that I was playing small and gave me tools, resources and fostered relationships that cut the learning/doing curve by years."​
Orlando Bowen
Former Pro Football Player, Resilience Expert
"After nearly two years with your program, I still continue to receive tremendous value. I could not imagine my speaking life, moving forward, without Jane, Jen and the Wealthy Speaker School."
Babette Ten Haken
Storytelling for STEM Professionals
“Working with Jane has been HUGE for my speaking business. I more than doubled my speaking fee and I'm booking more engagements than ever!"
Kendal Netmaker
CEO, Author of Driven to Succeed
“Since hiring Jane, my speaking business has transformed. After ten months of her coaching program, I have been hired by clients like FedEx, Mattel, Hyundai Capital, and so many others. Her books, coaching calls, and Accelerate Live coaching weekend have enabled me to follow my passion and turn my expertise into a fast-growing, profitable speaking business. Jane’s program is the single best investment I have made in my business.”
Jacob Green
Professional Speaker
“What changed for me working Jane?
Everything... we’ve been working together since the beginning and a few years later we are on our way to building a multi millon dollar business. She is the definitive Speaker Launcher”
Ryan Estis
Performance Expert
"The Wealthy Speaker School is a great place for speaking knowledge,support and skill and has put me on a great path to success and evolution as a speaker. One of the best investments I've ever made!"
Adonis Rosalle
Speaker, High-Powered Noise Maker


We know that you may have questions before joining the school. We are here to answer them.

Schedule a quick 20-minute next steps call with our Wealthy Speaker School coach, Jen McDonough. Once upon a time, Jen was in a position just like you – just starting out building her speaking business. She’s been through the exact program we offer in the school and now she helps our new students get on the track to success.