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How to Pick a Lane That Pays

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Thursday, February 20, 2020
2 PM - 4 PM EST


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A Deep Dive Workshop Into Helping You Choose Your Lane

Gain the clarity to move forward in your business with CONFIDENCE knowing that you can take your lane out to market and find customers who have budgets!

jane atkinson - wealthy speaker school

Picking a lane is a crucial step in the marketing process for all professional speakers. If your topic is too broad or too narrow you’ll miss the opportunity to appeal to your target audience.

Our Wealthy Speaker School workshops are designed to help you deep dive into a particular topic with a small group of people and the Wealthy Speaker Coaches.

Take the Pick a Lane workshop and after 2 hours you’ll walk away with a much clearer idea of what your lane might be and where to find the business for your lane.

The workshop is limited to 10 people, so register today if you want a spot!


jane atkinson - the wealthy speaker school


Jane Atkinson, author of The Wealthy Speaker 2.0 and The Epic Keynote, has been putting speakers on the map, with booked calendars, for nearly three decades using her one-of-a-kind (and proven) ‘Ready, Aim, Fire’ approach. Her students and clients speak to Fortune 100 companies and National Associations for fees at the very top of the industry spectrum. During the webinar, you’ll be inspired by the journey that others have taken, and you will leave ready to take action.

Jen McDonough - The Wealthy Speaker School


Jen McDonough (aka The Iron Jen), former WSS graduate and now coach for the Wealthy Speaker School’s Emerging Speakers program has been working alongside Jane Atkinson in helping speakers build the business of their dreams since 2013. Helping speakers impact the world around us by finding clarity and gaining confidence is what Jen enjoys most about being a part of WSS. When not coaching, Jen enjoys spending time with her family, helping high stress organizations develop courageous leaders through resilience through her own full-time speaking business and serving as a volunteer firefighter for her community.

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