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The Wealthy Speaker School

The keystone to the Wealthy Speaker School is our Ready, Aim, Fire process. This proven formula for business acceleration walks our students through the process of starting, building and growing a successful speaking business. 

At the Wealthy Speaker School, we take you beyond building a strong foundation of a speaking business. We want you to get to the next level, and the level after that if that is part of your dream. Our program is broken down into small bite sized pieces so that you can take it step-by-step slowly, or binge learn and accelerate!

And we’ve got it all for you on the sweetest learning platform for a low tuition of $249 (one-time) and
monthly fee of just $197! (or save over $1600 with an annual membership! * limited time only)

No matter where your journey begins, we’ve got what you need to build the speaking business of your dreams!

Build the Business of Your Dreams at Your Own Pace
While Having Fun!

At the Wealthy Speaker School, our goal is to provide you the knowledge, tools and resources you need to build the speaking business of your dreams. 

To do this, we’ve created over 40+ lessons (and more added each quarter) that walk you through our proven Ready, Aim, Fire process. You’ll find lessons on:

  • How to Choose Your Topic
  • How Much Should I Charge?
  • When Should I Negotiate
  • The Bones of a Killer Website
  • Creating a Social Presence
  • How Do I Get Booked
  • Finding Events that Hire Speakers
  • Developing a Killer Demo Video
  • Adding Coaching/Consulting
  • Where Should I Spend My Marketing Dollars?
  • Hiring the Right Team

… and so many more! 

Regardless of what level speaker you are, we are providing everything you need to build a successful speaking business!

We’re also providing the highest level of support and coaching you’ll find in any online course like this. Our Wealthy Speaker School course leaders will be there for you every step of the way! With your monthly membership, you’ll receive access to weekly and monthly coaching calls, monthly deep dive training into the topic of the month and access to monthly video training with our Master Class Experts! You’ll also get access to our private Online Community where you can connect with other Wealthy Speaker School students and course leaders to ask questions, share tips and get the additional support you need for success.

  • Learn our Proven Ready, Aim, Fire System
  • 40+ Lessons and More Added Each Quarter
  • Weekly Group Coaching Calls with Course Leaders
  • Monthly Deep Dive Training Into Our Topic of the Month
  • Monthly Group Coaching Calls with Master Class Experts
  • Private Online Community to Connect & Collaborate

Are you ready to build the speaking business of your dreams?

"I thought I was clear on the value I bring to the audience from the stage and my interactions with them. Jane’s brilliance helped me understand that I was playing small and gave me tools, resources and fostered relationships that cut the learning/doing curve by years."
Orlando Bowen
Former Pro Football, Resilience Expert

Here's How We Support You Along the Way!

Not only do you get an amazing online learning platform that will allow you to learn how to get bigger bucks for speaking, but at the Wealthy Speaker School we offer a number of support features to enhance your journey and help you find success faster.

Explore the many support features you’ll receive with your low one-time tuition fee and monthly membership.

Bi-Weekly Group Coaching On All Things Speaking

Twice per month you can join Jane Atkinson for a 60-minute video coaching session. Covering the more intermediate areas of speaking, this is your chance to ask questions about strategy, selling speeches, expanding revenue streams and an endless number of topics.

Be prepared to claim a hot seat coaching spot to ask questions on anything pertaining to speaking!

Weekly Group Coaching for Emerging Speakers

Wealthy Speaker School graduate Jen McDonough has been in your shoes and can help you walk through the Ready, Aim, Fire process.  Bring your questions and be ready for hot seat coaching on any topic pertaining to launching a successful speaking business. 

Jen has been there, done that and she’s got several t-shirts to prove it!

Monthly Deep Dive Training

At the top of each month, you’ll get an email that dives into the topic of the month and offers you additional ideas on this topic.

We’ll also outline the calendar of events each month. You’ll see that there are a ton of great learning opportunities offered every single month – allowing you to take advantage of what you need to ensure you get the training to find success!

"After nearly two years with your program, I still continue to receive tremendous value. I could not imagine my speaking life, moving forward, without Jane, Jen and the Wealthy Speaker School."
Babette Ten Haken
Storytelling for STEM Professionals

Monthly Group Coaching Calls with

You deserve to learn from the best! So we’ve assembled the most amazing Master Class Leaders.These leaders are the cream of the crop in their expertise and you’ll have access to them! We’ve got speaker bureau owners, veteran speakers, presentation and humor experts, social media and marketing gurus and more.

The Masters Class calls will be outlined on the monthly calendar and each class will match up with the Monthly Deep Dive training topic.  For instance, if we’re talking about Working with Speakers Bureaus, Master Class leader Diane Goodman from Goodman Speakers Bureau will be a guest on the Masters Class call and will be available for you to ask questions in our Facebook community.


Access to the Private

Join fellow students of the Wealthy Speaker School in our private Wealthy Speaker Community group on Facebook. It’s another great resource for connecting with peers, asking questions and finding additional resources to help build your speaking business. 

Share ideas, ask questions, collaborate with fellow speakers and find suppliers like website developers, VA’s, list building services, etc.

“Working with Jane has been HUGE for my speaking business. I more than doubled my speaking fee and I'm booking more engagements than ever!"
Kendal Netmaker
Author of Driven to Succeed

Let's Get You Enrolled!

Choose from either a monthly membership plan or an annual membership to the Wealthy Speaker School.

Monthly Membership

You'll pay a one-time tuition fee of $249
and then just $197 per month!
$ 197
per month
  • For our low monthly fee, you get all these great benefits:
  • Ready-Aim-Fire Course with more than 40+ lessons complete with worksheets and homework.
  • Weekly Group Coaching with coach Jen McDonough
  • Bi-weekly Group Coaching with coach Jane Atkinson
  • Access to the private Wealthy Speaker Online Community
  • Monthly Deep-Dive Training on a variety of topics
  • Monthly Training with Our Masterclass Experts
  • $200 discount to all LIVE Wealthy Speaker Events
  • Special Discounts on Private Coaching with Emerging Speaker Coach Jen McDonough

Annual Membership

Sign up for the annual plan and save over $1600*
*for a limited time only!
$ 995 yearly
  • You get all these great benefits:
  • Ready-Aim-Fire Course with more than 40+ lessons complete with worksheets and homework.
  • Weekly Group Coaching with coach Jen McDonough
  • Bi-weekly Group Coaching with coach Jane Atkinson
  • Access to the private Wealthy Speaker Online Community
  • Monthly Deep-Dive Training on a variety of topics
  • Monthly Training with Our Masterclass Experts
  • $200 discount to all LIVE Wealthy Speaker Events
  • Special Discounts on Private Coaching with Emerging Speaker Coach Jen McDonough

Have Questions? Check Out Our FAQ's!

No problem, send an email to [email protected] and we’ll get your membership cancelled.  Please cancel at least 5 days prior to your monthly renew date.  

Jane will be available twice per month for live group coaching calls. She’ll also be available for Q&A in the School’s Facebook group.  For people who want more time with Jane in smaller groups or one-on-one check out our Membership Upgrade options.

Send an email to [email protected] and she’ll get you all updated.

Jane Atkinson runs the Masters classes and calls on her group of friends, the “who’s who” in the industry, to answer all of your burning question about the topic of the month. Here is our amazing line up of Masters and their focus for the calls (subject to change and more subject added):

  • Anthony Stears – Telephone Selling
  • Diane Goodman – Working with Speakers Bureaus
  • Kelly Swanson – Storytelling Mastery
  • David Avrin – Booking the Business
  • Joe Calloway – Picking a Lane
  • Chris West – Killer Video
  • Caroline Mays – Bio Writing that Sells
  • Carolyn Crummey – Content Development
  • Sarah Anderson – Copywriting

Check out our upgrade options here and watch the video. If you feel as though you need help sorting out which program is the best fit, schedule a 15 minute call with our team member to help determine the best option.

As someone with over 30 years in the speaking industry, Jane has been working behind the scenes her entire career. First as an agent for speakers helping them go from zero to a million in annual revenue.
Then as Vice President of a Speakers Bureau – working with athletes, celebrities and best selling authors to get them booked.
Her third chapter has been as a coach and an author.
Jane’s books, The Wealthy Speaker 2.0 (a bestseller), The Epic Keynote and The Wealthy Speaker Daily Success Planner and Journal have become cornerstones of the industry and must reads for anyone wanting to find success.
Today Jane’s clients include the who’s who of speakers who are earning over a million or are on their way there.
But what you really need to know is that Jane works in the business of helping speakers as a full time gig. Not a side hustle. She has developed formulas, processes, worksheets, quizzes and checklists that will allow you to grow your dream business.
“There are a lot of good coaches out there, but none better than Jane Atkinson.”
– Hall of Fame speaker Joe Calloway

Yes, we do provide prices in Canadian dollars for people who reside in Canada. Watch for the option for Canadian’s at check out.  Residents of the US and all other countries will be billed in US dollars.

To upgrade your membership, click here on the upgrades page for options.
To move from monthly to annual billing and get two months free, email [email protected] to alter your payment plan.
To cancel your membership, see above.
Yes! We’ve opened up all lessons for you to enjoy right away. You can take it step by step, or jump straight to the areas you need the most help with. (Note: the quiz at the end of each section will allow you to confirm your level of readiness).
Q. How long will it take for my membership to pay for itself?
That depends. Creating the right foundation when starting a new business can pay off for years to come. Those who are a bit further along may pay for an entire year in the School with one idea that results in a booking.
Yes! We want to support you while going through the lessons, so be sure to spend time each week in the Facebook page learning from other people and asking your own questions.

Not to worry, every call will be recorded and posted on the School for you to download the replay.


We know that you may have questions before joining the school… and you should! We are here to answer all those questions for you!

Use the form below to schedule a quick 20-minute next steps call with our Wealthy Speaker School coach, Jen McDonough. Once upon a time, Jen was in a position just like you – just starting out building her speaking business. She’s been through the exact program we offer in the school and now she helps our new students get on the track to success… just like she did!

Just use complete the form below to schedule your call with Jen today!