You’re already rocking the podium. (Yah!!)
But are you getting paid the fees you deserve?

The most common speaker complaint:

“I know I have what it takes.
I just don’t know the path to getting booked more often… at FULL FEE!” 

Jane and her mic 2

You’re already rocking the podium. (Yah!!)
But are you getting paid the fees you deserve?

The most common speaker complaint:

“I know I have what it takes.
I just don’t know the path to getting booked more often… at FULL FEE!” 

Hi, I’m Jane. I’m here to help whip your speaking business into shape with less time (and money) spent, and no more trips down the advice rabbit hole!

I want to share all of my insider secrets with you, and more importantly, I’m going to make sure you actually IMPLEMENT them in your business! After 15 years as a booking agent, with six of those under the roof of a speakers bureau as well as 20+ years coaching clients to become some of the most highly-paid and in demand speakers in the industry… well, let’s just say that I’ve got more than a few wisdom gems for you.

Have you ever wondered what’s it going to take to really accelerate in the speaking business?

What if you wanted to get your calendar booked with quality events with less costly time and mistakes?

At The Wealthy Speaker School, we map out the plan step by step for you. But what if you want more, and you want to get to your destination — of getting paid what you’re worth — faster?

If you've got "$100K or $250K speaking business" on your vision board...

The Acceleration Academy could just be that business-elevating resource hub you’ve been seeking!

~ The Acceleration Academy ~
by The Wealthy Speaker School


(Psst… previous sessions have always sold out!)

Set the foundation, accelerate and scale your business — so you can get booked into leading industry events, and earn higher fees.

Whether your event calendar is more dry than the Sahara, or you’re booked up for months with less-than-ideal speaking gigs —we can help. 

Get booked more often at higher rates, and move towards $100K, $250K and beyond in your speaking business more quickly.

(Yes, it IS possible! We have clients who’ve achieved it… several times over!) 

If you’re willing and committed to do the work, show up for your mission and message every single day, then we’ll show you how to score the business that you’re after.

Highly-driven speakers... this could be the year that everything changes.

I mean, you didn’t get into the speaking business to spend your life delivering freebies and hustling low-pay events, now did you?!

Not a chance.

You’re here because you have a message, a mission, and a movement. 

You’re here because you’re damn good at what you do, and you know how to influence others, and are a change-maker.

With The Acceleration Academy, you’ll be joining a group of like-minded people — driven, talented speakers who are ready to scale, and move toward their financial goals.

You’ll get the tools, resources, support & the accountability to blow the roof off your speaking business.



Here’s What You Get When You Join The Acceleration Academy:

Membership options start at...

$ 397 * Per month fee. Cancel any time. ANNUAL PAYMENT option available.
  • Risk-free Monthly Access to Acceleration Academy that includes an ALL ACCESS PASS to the Wealthy Speaker School
  • Quarterly 1:1private coaching sessions with Coach Jen
  • TWO Monthly group mastermind calls led by Coach Jen
  • Monthly Money & Mindset Mentoring calls with Coach Jane
  • Access to private Acceleration Academy Facebook group
  • Closed group (max 30) of like-minded speakers supporting each other
  • Best Value ~ ANNUAL PAYMENT OPTION: $4300 {includes 1 month FREE}



aka The Iron Jen!

Jen has been on the front lines of the speaking industry and knows what it takes to secure the bookings at the fees your desire.

When she graduated 6+ years ago from The Wealthy Speaker School, Jane saw a fire in Jen (they don’t call her The Iron Jen for nothing!) and immediately invited her to be a part of the team. 

The speaking industry is noisy. 

But because of Jen’s hands-on experience, she’ll help you sift through the industry noise to a path that will result in bookings.

In fact, she’s helped hundreds of speakers grow and accelerate the businesses of their dreams.

Jen was first introduced to the speaking industry when her family paid off over $200,000 in medical bills in a very short period of time. She’s done triathlons, written several books, and was inducted into the Minnesota Weightlifting Hall of Fame. 

Because Jen was getting paid to speak to first responders, she became a volunteer firefighter and served for 6 years!  

Coaching with Jen will allow you to map out a plan, and with the added accountability —you’ll be able to more easily stay on track and get the results you desire (and deserve).

"The Acceleration Academy has helped me get clear about what I am building and given me the tools to build it. I have been able to tap into endless resources, a supportive community and shifted into a mindset that has put me into High Grit - when your passion turns your why into your must!"
Shelley Brown
Professional Speaker, Author, Mindfulness Educator & Artist
"There is a lot of advice on how to build the speaking business, but the coaching I've received from this program has accelerated my business and given me the tools and direction I need to succeed!"

Kwesi Millington
Former RCMP Police Officer, Resilience Expert, Speaker, Author & Certified Coach

And to ensure you have everything you need to hit your big payday, you’ll also get:

BONUS: The Icing on the Cake!

VIP PRICING and Access to Jane’s Live or Virtual Events for one year!

You’ll get VIP pricing access and to one Accelerate LIVE event this year where you will:

Frequently Asked Questions

No!  Your registration to The Academy INCLUDES your Wealthy Speaker School all access pass.  There is nothing else to purchase.

The Academy is designed to help people reach that first $100K mark.  So the group is perfect for emerging speakers who want to go faster.   If you are a more advanced speaker, schedule your call with our team to see which program is the perfect fit for you.

This group typically meets on Tuesdays.  Be sure to talk to our team for the schedule.  The more you put into AA, the more you will get out.  Email for details.

Group mastermind calls are designed to get you unstuck, spur new ideas and hold you accountable to your goals. Your coaches will be on hand to answer your burning questions and lay down the tough love when you need it.  

We cover many topics, including:

How to avoid the critical positioning mistakes we see speakers making in their marketing

 How to write & deliver engaging presentations (whether they be live or virtual)

 Everything you need on your site if you want to get booked (let’s get it right the first time!)

 The daily mindset and success habits of every Wealthy Speaker and Jane’s 7 figure clients

 How to create a ultimate demo video that has decision-makers salivating to get you at their event

 Where to find (solid) paying audiences and quality events

 System, processes and strategies that are absolutely MISSION-CRITICAL if you want to get to that 6-figure business

Not sure this mastermind is the right fit for you? 

Book a call with us, and if we don’t think you’re a match for the mastermind group — we’ll tell you!  

But if you DO decide to join the group, use the monthly payment option if you’re unsure in any way.

Decided that it’s not a fit once you tried The Acceleration Academy? Simply cancel your monthly subscription.  

The risk is minimal, and simply put — we’re here for you.


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