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Thinking about pausing your membership to The Wealthy Speaker School?

We understand that there will be times when our Wealthy Speaker School students have to hit the ‘pause’ button for a while. Things happen. We get it!

We don’t want you to act too quickly, though. Here are some words of encouragement from Jane Atkinson:

Still want to pause your Wealthy Speaker Membership? No worries!

Just fill out the form below and we’ll put your membership on pause for up to six months. At the end of six months if you choose to come back, you can pick right up where you left off!  No extra charges – just back to business as usual.

If you choose to not come back at the end of six months, we’ll cancel your membership. One thing to note: if your membership is canceled and you then decide to come back later, you will incur the one-time tuition fee of $249 when you re-enroll.

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