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Introducing The Wealthy Speaker School

We have the road map and all the tools, resources and knowledge you need to build the speaking business of your dreams!

"I thought I was clear on the value I bring to the audience from the stage and my interactions with them. Jane’s brilliance helped me understand that I was playing small and gave me tools, resources and fostered relationships that cut the learning/doing curve by years."
Orlando Bowen
Former Pro Football, Resilience Expert

At The Wealthy Speaker School We Bring Your Possibilities to Life!

Getting paid to speak, and making a living doing it, isn’t just a pipe dream… it’s a possibility! Imagine one minute you’re on stage in front of 500 people delivering your epic message, and they love you! Then one hour later, you’re relaxing by the pool or on a beach. A speaker’s life can be awesome, and we’re here to show you how!

Our course and community are designed to guide you through every aspect of building or scaling your speaking business.

Whether you are looking to make your first $100K speaking or you’re already making six figures and want more – we’ve got the formula that’s proven to work time and time again.

You'll Learn from the Best of the Best!

Jane Atkinson, known to the speaking industry as the Speaker Launcher, has helped thousands of speakers build businesses they could only imagine. 

She has put her 30 years of expertise into this killer format, which has been proven to work time and time again!

To take it a step further, she’s bringing in a group of Master Class experts to dive deep into the areas that will help you scale more quickly. 

We Have the Success Formula You Need!

Hundreds of speakers have used our formula to build the speaking business of their dreams!

Sarah did it! She moved from zero to $7,500 in fees.

John did it! He narrowed his lane and started booking at higher fees.

Cindra did it! She purchased the house of her dreams!

Orlando did it! He moved to an entirely new level of possibilities. 

What is your dream?

What does your dream speaking business look like?

Are you ready for that moment when you step off a plane to find a limo waiting to whisk you away to a speaking engagement that paid you exactly what you deserved?


Imagine working with clients that you love and helping them solve their problems. Or inspiring them to take action. 

Your dream speaking business can help serve at the highest levels. This isn’t just about the limos!


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The Wealthy Speaker School!

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