Whether you are an influencer, podcaster, coach, entrepreneur, or a passionate person with a message who wants to add “get paid to speak” to your list of goals this year, you’re in the right place!

At the Wealthy Speaker School, we give you an easy-to-follow roadmap to create a successful and rewarding public speaking business.

Is my goal of "getting paid to speak" possible?

Getting paid well to speak in front of large groups of people isn’t an unattainable goal. It’s a possibility!  And thousands of speakers have followed our roadmap to success.

Imagine that you’re on stage in front of 500 people delivering an epic message and then one hour later, you’re relaxing by the pool or on a beach.

A professional speaker’s life can be amazing and we’re here to show you how you can achieve it.

Our School is designed to guide you through every aspect of building and scaling your speaking business.

Whether you are looking to make your first $100K speaking or you’re already making six figures and want more – we’ve got the proven formula to help you reach your goals.

wealthy speaker school - build the speaking business of your dreams

Where Are You in Your Public Speaking Journey?

Regardless of where you are on your journey building a public speaking business, the Wealthy Speaker School has exactly what you need to find greater success. The school serves two main types of speakers:

Emerging Speaker

You are an emerging speaker if you are just starting out as a paid speaker by creating a new business or by adding it as an additional revenue stream to your existing business. You’re also an emerging speaker if you’ve started your speaking business but are having trouble getting the traction needed to book gigs at the fees you desire.

Rising Superstar

Rising Superstars are those who have been speaking for a few years (making around $100K doing it) and are looking to take their business up a notch by earning more and scaling your business.

Inside the school, you’ll find all the tools, resources, coaching, and support to maximize your investment and boost your public speaking business.

Ready. Aim. Fire.

The keystone to the Wealthy Speaker School is our Ready, Aim, Fire process. This time-tested, proven formula for business acceleration walks our students through the process of starting, building, and growing a successful speaking business.

READY: The foundations for success.

This is where we gain clarity around the public speaking services we’re selling, pick a lane, and develop some marketing language. We have a saying around here: “clarity equals confidence.”

AIM: The marketing that helps you stand out.

This step is devoted to marketing and building your website. We’ll help you create a clear message so your prospects can immediately see how you are going to help them.

FIRE: An ongoing strategy to keep you top of mind.

Once we have clarity around our message and a website that supports it, we can start “firing” off to our audience. This is where the fun begins!

Ready to build a speaking business that gets you paid?

Building a successful public speaking business doesn’t have to be expensive! We’ve priced our memberships at an affordable rate so that you receive a much higher ROI! You’ll have what you need to book more gigs and get paid the fees you deserve, so the membership really pays for itself!

Build Your Business at Your Own Pace

At the Wealthy Speaker School, we take you beyond building a strong foundation of a speaking business. We want you to go to the next level. And, if it’s part of your dream, the level after that.

Our program is broken down into small bite-sized pieces so that you can take it step-by-step, or binge learn. We’ve created over 50 public speaking lessons that walk you through our proven Ready, Aim, Fire process. You’ll find lessons on:

Regardless of what level of speaker you are, we provide everything you need to build a successful speaking business!

Build Your Network

The Wealthy Speaker School provides the highest level of support and coaching you’ll find over any other online course. Our course leaders and community of fellow speakers are there for you every step of the way.

With your monthly membership, you’ll receive:

You’ll also get access to our private online community where you can connect with other Wealthy Speaker School students and course leaders to ask questions, share tips, and get the additional support you need for success.

Designed by a 30-Year Speaking Industry Veteran

Jane Atkinson, known in the speaking industry as the Speaker Launcher, has helped thousands of speakers build businesses that have reached unimaginable heights. She’s used her 30 years of experience in the field to create a tried-and-true format that helps others create lucrative speaking businesses.

As a member of the Wealthy Speaker School, you can join Jane twice per month for a 60-minute video coaching session. Additionally, once a month Jane dips into her black book of speaking/business experts and brings them to you during a live Masterclass. From marketing to sales to storytelling, these experts dive deep into the areas that will help you scale your speaking business more quickly.

Access Free Bonus Content

Not only do you get an amazing online learning platform, but we offer bonus content to enhance your journey and help you find success faster.

The following bonus content is included in your low one-time tuition fee and monthly membership.


Masterclasses Twice Per Month
with Coach Jane

Join Jane Atkinson twice each month for a 60-minute Zoom coaching session. Ask questions about strategy, selling speeches, expanding revenue streams, and an endless number of topics. Be prepared to claim a hot seat coaching spot as they go fast.
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Weekly Group Coaching for Emerging Speakers with Course Leader Jen

Wealthy Speaker School graduate Jen McDonough started from the ground up and has gone through the Ready, Aim, Fire process. Bring your questions on any topic pertaining to launching a successful speaking business. Jen has been there, done that and she’s got several t-shirts to prove it!

Monthly Topic of the Month Deep Dive Training

At the start of each month, you’ll get an email that dives into that month’s topic, offering you additional ideas and insights.

We’ll also outline the calendar of events for the upcoming month. There are a ton of great learning opportunities, allowing you to take advantage of what you need to ensure you get the training to find success.

Client Success Stories

Have a Question?

We know that you may have questions before joining the school. We are here to answer them.

Schedule a quick 20-minute next steps call with our Wealthy Speaker School coach, Jen McDonough. Once upon a time, Jen was in a position just like you – just starting out building her speaking business. She’s been through the exact program we offer in the school and now she helps our new students get on the track to success.